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Examples - Gene: BRCA1, Transcript: ENST00000471181, Variant: chr17-41223094-T-C, Multi-allelic variant: rs80357001, Region: 17:41223094-41246856

Current Reference Build: GRCh37

Ethical approval

Samples with informed consent are chosen for analysis. Projects are carried out with ethical approval and follow China's regulation on administration of Human Genetic Resources.


The Phase I results including comprehensive variation and their allele frequency information from 141,431 unrelated healthy Chinese females.The article was published in the scientific journal Cell. DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.08.016 or PMID: 30290141.


You can search variant, gene or genomic regions that you expect to obtain the variation information, including mutation, allele frequency, annotation, frequency comparison to the global populations from existing databases.