About CMDB

China is the most populous country and the second largest economy in the world. However, the construction of Chinese genome database is in slow progress. At present, among the world's large-scale international and national genome sequencing projects, such as 1KGP, Genomics England, Genome of the Netherlands, ExAC are mostly biased towards the construction of a genomic baseline for European populations. In those projects, while the sample size goes up to hundreds of thousands for samples with european ancestry in those database, the sequencing Chinese samples is no more than a thousand.

Since a high-quality genomic baseline database serves as an important control for medical research and population-oriented clinical and drug applications, the Chinese millionome database (CMDB) is developed to fill the gap.

The Chinese Millionome Database(CMDB) is a unique large-scale Chinese genomics database produced by BGI. The CMDB delivers peridical and useful variation information and scientific insights derived from the analysis of millions of Chinese sequencing data. The results aim to promote genetic research and precision medicine actions in China.

The delivering information includes any of detected variants and the corresponding allele frequency, annotation, frequency comparison to the global populations from existing databases, etc.